Robin Frandsen

Thanks to Robin for his permission to distribute this version of his book devoted to succulent plants.

Urheberrechtlich geschützt (Autorengenehmigung)

This is an extraordinary book published in 2017 that presents succulent plants of Southern Africa over 540 pages and about 2700 colour pictures of plants mainly taken in the wild by the author or by his numerous friends. 16 families are reviewed and their genera (133) and species (1117) are briefly described. The main interest of the book lies in the sumptuous pictures. The author deliberately focuses on the plant habits and geographic distribution; taxonomy is not dealt with.


  1. Some minor corrections with respect to the hardcopy have been made; an addendum about Euphorbia polygona has been added.
  2. Acrobat Reader is strongly recommended for a better use of the default settings of the pdf file (page view & bookmarks).
  3. If you enjoy the book, you may make a donation to the author. See intructions on page 1 of the pdf file.
  4. You may also like to visit the website of the publisher, Honeyguide Publications.
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