A few tips…

:?: How to download a book?

  • Clic the link that looks like this is a link to a book.
    • Use the RIGHT CLIC PREFERENTIALLY to choose the name and where you want to save the file.
    • In some cases, the LEFT CLIC MAY FREEZE your browser until download ends up.1)

:?: What is the interpreted file?

  • THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED FILE: It is the smallest and you can search text for any symbol. It may contain misprints however!

:?: What is the original file?

  • This is a file dedicated to specilaists: it is made of the raw scan of the original. It is heavy and it cannot be searched. It is the reference when one finds a possible misprint in the interpreted file.

Use the “Back button” of the browser to go back to the book you come from…

in that case clic the “stop page download” button. Then redo download using the right clic.
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