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Often cited by Backeberg in Die Cactaceae. Rare catalogue of 44 pages containing plant lists, pictures (B&W), short descriptions, advertisement…

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A selection of many pictures, often used later in his publications.

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A small catalogue with some pictures and descriptions.

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A series of periodic issues containing plant descriptions (with B&W pictures) and the classification according to Backeberg from 1934 to 1938. This four-language periodical was written in german, english, dutch and french. It aimed at being the world-wide reference among cactus publications.
The non-german texts were wrtitten by various people. The translations are sometimes very coarse if not wrong. Furthermore, typesetting is not very rigorous. Some corrections have been made in the interpreted file, however we recommend to refer essentially to the german text by Backeberg himself.

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This a historical book by Backeberg and Frederik Marcus Knuth (1904-1970). 432 pages, a few tens of B&W pictures, and more than 100 latin diagnoses of “new” genera, species and varieties. The book is however more or less confidential because it is written in Danish.

The reason for the publication of this book in Danish is obscure:

  • It appeared more than one year after the first issues of “Blätter für Kakteenforschung” (1934-38) where the basis of Backeberg classification was already given in 1934 in 4 languages. In 1930, F.M. Knuth published at author's expense “Den nye kaktusbog” (“the new cactus book”) which was an interesting account with many B&W pictures. May be that Backeberg saw F.M. Knuth as a possible rival and preferred to bring him “into his boat”. Finally, F.M. Knuth probably sponsored Kaktus-ABC.
  • The book is dated December 31st, 1935. According to the “Library of congress, copyright office” the real copyright date is February 12th, 1936. This is confirmed by a postcard of the printer sent to Fric & Kreuzinger 1). Thus, it seems that the date of publication was chosen to antedate other publications.

F.M. Knuth was Count of Knuthenborg an old Danish noble family. He began in the cactus literature as early as 1920 as the co-editor of “Nordisk Kaktus Tidsskrift” (Nordic cactus magazine). Then he published “Den nye kaktusbog” (the new cactus book) and finally was co-author of Kaktus-ABC. F.M. Knuth was then completely forgotten probably because he was an active member of the DNSAP.

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This is the monumental work by Curt Backeberg, published from 1958 to 1962. More than 4000 pages and 3500 pictures in 6 volumes.

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      • Volume 1: Backeberg_DieCact1.pdf (77.4MB; 2010-02-18) [Peireskia, Rhodocactus, Maihuenia, Quiabentia, Peireskiopsis, Austrocylindropuntia, Pterocactus, Cylindropuntia, Grusonia, Marenopuntia, Tephrocactus, Maihueniopsis, Corynopuntia, Micropuntia, Brasiliopuntia, Consolea, Opuntia, Tacinga]
      • Volume 2: Backeberg_DieCact2.pdf (50MB; 2010-06-08) [Rhipsalis, Lepismium, Acantho- & Pseudorhipsalis, Hatiora, Erythrorhipslis, Rhipsalidopsis, Epiphyllanthus, pseudozygocactus, Epiphyllopsis, Schlumbergera, Zygocactus, Cryptocereus, Marniera, Epiphyllum, Eccremocatus, Nopalxochia, Chiapasia, Disocactus, Bonifazia, Wittia, Strophocactus, Daemia, Werckleocereus, Selenicereus, Mediocactus, Weberbauerocereus, Hylocereus, Aporocactus, Pfeiffera, Mila, Corryocactus, Erdisia, Neoraimondia, Neocardenasia, Armatocereus, Brachycereus, jasminocereus, Stetsonia, Browningia, Gymnocereus, Azureocereus, Clistanthocereus, Loxanthocereus, Bolivicereus, Borzicactus, Seticereus, Cleistocactus, Oreocereus, Morawetzia, Denmoza, Arequipa, Submatucana, Matucana, Samaipaticereus, Philippicereus, Trichocereus, Roseocereus, Eulychnia, Rauhocereus, Haageocereus, Pygmeocereus, Weberbauerocereus, Echinopsis, Leucostele, Helianthocereus, Chamaecereus, Pseudolobivia]]
      • Volume 3: Backeberg_DieCact3.pdf (75.4MB; 2010-12-05) [Acantholobivia, Acanthocalycium, Lobivia, Mediolobivia, Aylostera, Rebutia, Sulocrebutia, Austrocactus, Phyrrocactus, Brasilicactus, Parodia, Malacocarpus, Eriocactus, Notocactus, Frailea, Blossfeldia, Soehrensis, Oroya, Gymnocalycium, Brachycalycium, Weingartia, Neowerdermannia, Neochilenia, Horridocactus, Reicheocactus, Neoporteria, Eriosyce, Islaya, Pilocopiapoa, Copiapoa]
      • Volume 4: Backeberg_DieCact4.pdf (33.6MB; 2012-03-26) [Acanthocereus, Peniocereus, Dendrocereus, Neoabbottia, Leptocereus, Leocereus, Zehntnerella, Echinocereus, Wilcoxia, Nyctocereus, Eriocereus, Harrisia, Arthrocereus, Machaerocereus, Heliocereus, Bergerocactus, Rathbunia, Polaskia, Lemaireocereus, Pachycereus, Heliabravoa, Marshallocereus, Rooksbya, Ritterocereus, Carnegiea, Neobuxbaumia, Pterocereus, Marginatocereus, Stenocereus, Isolatocereus, Anisocereus, Escontria, Hertrichocereus, Mitrocereus, Neodawsonia, Cephalocereus, Backebergia, Haseltonia, Myrtillocactus, Lophocereus, Brasilicereus, Monvillea, Cereus, Castellanosia, Subpilocereus, Pilosocereus, Micranthocereus, Facheiroa, Thrixanthocereus, Pseudoespostoa, Vatricania, Austrocephalocereus, Neobinghamia, Coleocephalocereus, Stephanocereus, Arrojadoa, Melocactus, Discocactus]
      • Volume 5: Backeberg_DieCact5.pdf (47.6MB; 2011-05-31) [Echinocactus, Homalocephala, Astrophytum, Sclerocactus, Leuchtenbergia, Neogomesia, Ferocactus, Hamatocactus, Echinofossulocactus, Thelocactus, Echinomastus, Utahia, Pediocactus, Gymnocactus, Strombocactus, Obregonia, Toumeya, Navajoa, Pilocanthus, Turbinicarpus, Aztekium, Lophophora, Epithelantha, Mediocoryphantha, Gladulicactus, Ancistrocactus, Neolloydia, Neobesseya, Escobaria, Lepidocoryphantha, Coryphantha, Roseocactus, Encephalocarpus, Pelecyphora, Solisia, Ariocarpus, Mamillaria, Porfiria, Krainzia, Phellosperma, Dolichothele, Mamillopsis, Cochemiea]
      • Volume 6: Backeberg_DieCact6.pdf (50MB; 2010-02-24) [Supplement and Index]]
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Probably, the first travelog of Backeberg where he pays tribute to his teachers. 72 black and white pictures, some from Frič.

Rigth: Backeberg and his four-legged colleague.

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The book summarizes Babckeberg's work in concise descriptions. The first edition dated 1966 was in German only. Editions issued after 1975 were amended by Walter Haage. An English version was prepared by Lois Glass and published in 1977.

The book is proposed owing to its historical interest. A reprint is unlikely since Backeberg's concepts do not fit any more modern botanical standards. The English version is “as is” and complies with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, article 15 concerning typographical arrangement. For the German version we still need an authorization of the right-holders. If you can help solving the right-holder problem, please contact us.

Kakteen Lexikon (German):

Cactus Lexicon (English):

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This is a book 109 pages long published in 1931. The main author, Backeberg, describes his travels and discoveries over the 50 leading pages. Then Werdermann presents his classification and the descriptions of the plants collected by Backeberg. The book is illustrated by more than 90 B&W pictures, many taken in the wild.

M. Hjertson and U. Eggli: Taxon, Vol. 45, No. 3 (Aug., 1996), pp. 513-514.
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