Albert Frederik Hendrik Buining (1901-1976)

P. C. Laney and the Royal Dutch Succulent Society 'Succulenta', are gratefully acknowledged for their authorization to publish these fieldnotes.

Under copyright (with permission)

From 1966 to 1974 Albert Buining made several fieldtrips to South America, essentially Brazil. The fieldnotes below present data collected along these trips that he made alone or together with some other cactus specialists, especially Friedrich Ritter.

The Royal Dutch Succulent Society 'Succulenta', is the owner of the copyright and is gratefully acknowledged for the authorization to publish this book. P. C. Laney, is acknowledged too for his help.

Under copyright (with permission)

In 1976, Buining had almost completed his book devoted to Discocactus when he died suddenly. His wife, G.G. Bergink, A.J. Brederoo, L. Diers, J.D. Donald and J. Theunissen then participated in a posthumous edition of the book that has been published in 1980. L Diers and J. Donald made the German and English versions respectively.

The book is 224 pages long and contains more than 140 pictures (color and B&W) and numerous drawings by A.J. Brederoo that give very informative details about the plants (flower cut, stamens, style, stigmata, fruit, seed, embryo, spines). 36 species are considered among which there are several new descriptions.

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