Cactaceae—Jahrbücher der Deutschen Kakteen-Gesellschaft

The DKG is gratefully acknowledged for the authorization to reproduce these documents.

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From 1935 to 1936, the German Cactus Society (DKG) published a yearbook with various articles. Then, from 1937 until 1944 the Society published the series „Cactaceae. Jahrbücher der Deutschen Kakteen-Gesellschaft“. The concept of the new series was to publish not just single, independent articles in these “yearbooks”. Over the time the articles should become parts of a complete work about the cactus family. Each year one, two, or three issues of this compilation have been published. Most issues include more than one contribution, whereas a few issues were dedicated to one special topic.

Some articles were split over several issues and sometimes the disruption appears even within a sentence. The short title in the margin indicates the belonging of the page to a particular article. In the interpreted files, annotations in blue indicate either the previous part or the next part of an article.

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