Cactus Paris (1946-1967)

According to the European law, this journal is still under copyright, and we have not been able to get an official authorization to reproduce it. However, owing to its historical value, a reproduction is proposed online hereafter. We thank Jacques Soulaire, who was one of the prime promoters of the journal, for his support.

Under copyright

This is the French journal devoted to cacti and other succulents that represents the heyday of French cactology. It has been created by André Guillaumin, André Bertrand, Julien Marnier Lapostolle and Jacques Soulaire, and supported by William Taylor Marshall. It contains articles by famous authors (Backeberg, Cárdenas, Werdermann, Marshall, Buxbaum… together with the founders), and original descriptions of new plants. The journal has had an erratic life and did not survive after the 88th issue in September 1967 in spite of the efforts of Julien Marnier Lapostolle.

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