International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN) -In French

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You need to know why a plant name is “naked” (nomen nudum), why the “combination is invalid”, why a name has “priority”? Then, read the electronic version of the code at International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (Saint Louis code, 1999). Sorry, the english version cannot be downloaded.

Conversely, you may download an official french translation: CodeNomenFr.pdf (0,4Mo; 2008-12-05). You must comply with the rules (in french!) defined by tela-botanica to use this file. 1)

The last issue of the code (2018, Shenzhen) can be read here

The paper version was published in “Regnum Vegetabile” Volume 138 in 2000 by Koeltz Scientific Books D661453 Königstein, Germany. It was prepared and edited by W. GREUTER, President, J. McNEILL, Vice-President, F.R. BARRIE, H.M. BURDET, V. DEMOULIN, T.S. FILGUEIRAS, D.H. NICOLSON, J.E. SKOG, P.C. SILVA, P. TREHANE, N.J. TURLAND Members, D.L. HAWKSWORTH, Secretary. Copyright 2000 by “International Association for Plant Taxonomy” (Vienna, Europe)
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