Frequently Asked Questions

For generality purpose, only english is used in this page.

  • Using the searching tool of your browser, search among the already posted questions and answers (if any!) may be you will find what you are looking for!
  • If NO, then Send us an email with a clear statement of your question. We will then publish the question and the answer (if any!!!).

If you have the answer to a pending question, please send us.

:?: Are all books in the public domain / Can I do whatever I want with them?

No. You cannot do whatever you want even though most books are in the public domain. For further details clic the Copyright link on the left or this one .

:?: What is the reading room?

The “Reading room” is used to read online a page which comes from a PDF file. Those files are often heavy and they require a devoted software to be read. In the reading room your browser allows you to look immediately at a specific page. It also helps you to send a page link by email or via the forum.

:?: The browser is frozen during download…

Abort download. Then right clic the link to “Save as…”.

:?: I cannot open the pdf file

Be sure that you have a recent pdf-reader, such as Acrobat Reader, Kpdf or Foxit Reader. Other free pdf-readers are available from the web.

:?: Several texts are superimposed. I see red annotations in the margin

Use a more recent pdf reader that support layers. Acrobat reader does.

:?: Some file dates seem to be strange

Dates are given in the english format. One date is from the 'Pataphysics calendar.

:?: How to know that a file has been updated?

Old method: Look at the date indicated on the right of the file to be downloaded, compare with the creation date of the downloaded file on your hard disk, then conclude…
New method: read the News (link in the left side menu).

:?: What to do with an archive?

Once the file is downloaded, open it: in most cases, your operating system knows what to do. If it does not know, look for a free “UnZip” tool on the web. You may try 7zip (free, windows) or Stuffit Expander (windows and Mac OS). When the archive is decompressed you will get a new file/folder that can be used as usual.

:?: What's the difference between image and interpreted PDF files?

The image file is the direct result of the scan. It is a group of images, one for each page of the book. The interpreted file got the text transformed from image to text, it has been “OCRized”. This transformation has several advantages: text is lighter than image, so the files are smaller; your PDF reader can zoom in the text with good quality. The drawback is that sometimes some characters are not properly recognized, we have to proofread the result… and some errors may remain. If you notice some, please tell us. And if you want to help us, see below, thanks :)

:?: How to contribute?

Read the explanations in your native language: English, Deutsch, Italian

:?: How to correct errors in the files?

Read the explanations in your native language: English, Deutsch, Italian

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