Adriana Hoffmann (1940-2022)

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Adriana Hoffmann was a Chilean Botanist and ecologist, probably the most famous one, and she animated several non-profit organizations and Chilean scientific societies. She wrote (or participated in) a dozen of books among which this first edition of “Cactáceas en la flora silvestre de Chile”. The book is made of 272 pages with plant descriptions and illustrations. She chose to illustrate the plants with accurate pictures made by an artist. She told that a picture summarizes plant characteristics more easily than a series of photos that contain superfuous details. The artist took up the challenge and won! The book format is odd: 24.5 cm high, 13 cm wide; it was a deliberate choice: the book can be put in the back pocket of the jeans when looking for plants… This is typical of Adriana's way of thinking and of her love for trips in the wild.

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