Joël Lodé

Thanks to Joël Lodé and to Calade (Edisud) company for the authorization to reproduce this card index.
Thanks to the authors of some of the pictures. 1)

Under copyright (with permission)

Every card presents a species (or genus) with a colour picture, a description, geographic origin, culture tips, etymology…



Jean-André Audissou, Philippe Bisseret, Georges Calvel, Maurice Chancharme, Miguel Chazaro, Pascal Femenia, Charles Glass, René Hélias, Andreas Hofacker, Gonda Istvan, Alfred Lau, Ivan Marrec, Daniel Masson, Nelly Pierre Paul, Danièle Rabejac, Alfred Razafindratsira, Norbert Rebmann, Jean-Franc Richard, Gilbert Suc, Werner Uebelmann, Boris Vrskovy, Warren Withers, Jerzy Wozniak
2) , 3)
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