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The journal „Kakteenkunde“ was published by the German Cactus Society (DKG) from 1933 until 1936 and from 1938 until 1943. In the first years, 1933–1938, the issues were published monthly, later irregularly. From 1935 the journal was merged with the journal “Kakteenfreund”. In 1937 the DKG broke up with “Kakteenkunde” and founded a new journal (“Kakteen und andere Sukkulenten”). Publication of “Kakteenkunde” was continued by Wilhelm von Roeder, in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Erich Werdermann. From 1939 on, “Kakteenkunde” became the official publication of the DKG again; beginning with three issues per year, the last issue was published in 1943.

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