Beat Ernst Leuenberger (1946-2010)

Thanks to Silvia Arroyo-Leuenberger, Urs Eggli, Thomas Bolliger, Hansruedi Fehlmann, and the Zuercher Kakateen-Gesellschaft for the authorization to produce this pdf file.

Under copyright (with authorization)

This booklet describes over 20 pages the life and works of Hans Krainz (1906-1980), the leader of Swiss cactology. It was published on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Schweizerischen Kakteen-Gesellschaft (Swiss Cactus society) and 50th anniversary of the Zuercher Kakteen-Gesellschaft (Zürich Cactus society). The next 12 pages, written by Hansruedi Fehlmann, presents some data about these societies.

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