J. D. Mauseth - R. Kiesling - C. Ostolaza

Thanks to Jim, Roberto and Carlos who gave the authorization to reproduce their book.

Under copyright (with authorization)

This book is poorly known although it is a jewel. This is not only a travelog through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. In this book, you will learn a lot on cactus history along geologic times, ecology, anatomy, adaptation to the biotope, natural selection, growing method deduced from field observations, etc. In addition, along the 300 pages, you will laugh of the authors adventures in many situations, you will learn how to organize a field trip and how it is automatically disorganized by mother nature, and how and where to search for cacti in the wild. You will finally aprreciate the 190 colour pictures (2 corrections in the interpreted file) mostly taken during the expeditions, some of them revealing poorly known aspects of the plants.

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