Günther Moser (1919-1994)

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Günther Moser was born on June 11th, 1919 in Zipf (Upper Austria). He was engraver and worked in Kufstein (Tyrol), Aigen-Schlögl (Upper Austria) and Vienna. When he was in Vienna, he met Czech cactus specialists, especially Pazout, Valniček and Frič. These personalities permitted Günther to discover the work of Friedrich, with whom he tried to get in touch. However, it was not that simple: nobody knew where Friedrich was. Eventually, he was able to locate Friedrich after numerous mail exchanges with the embassies of Austria and Paraguay. Thus, he was able to establish a first contact by mail. Gradually, an intense mail exchange was established between the two men. The letters exchanged with Friedrich, are still available today, and they provide a unique documentation about the cactus activities carried out in Paraguay by Friedrich, an Austrian native.

However, Freidrich did not only send letters: he also sent about 5000 cacti. In turn, Moser has attempted to study these plants by scientific methods. He has published first descriptions and articles in several magazines, on isolated species still poorly known at the time.

His book “Kakteen-A.M.Friedrich und sein schönes Paraguay” should be a summary of his knowledge, but above all a tribute to his friend living in Paraguay.

Back in Kufstein, together with Franz Strigl, Günther Moser built a greenhouse to grow the plant-treasures he received from Paraguay.

Günther Moser died on February 13th, 1994 in Kufstein. Franz Strigl has inherited of the plants, of the rich documentation and of the correspondence.

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