John Pilbeam

Thanks to John Pilbeam for authorizing this e-version of his book. The reproduction of the handbook is “as is” (including typos, misprints and errors), and it complies with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, article 15 concerning typographical arrangement. Any change would be an infringement to the copyright act.

Under copyright (with permission)

This book, dated 1997, is 160 page long and contains about 140 pictures of flowering plants in collection. The pictures are accompanied by short and clear descriptions including references and synonymy. Although dated XXth century, the book is still up-to-date. The genus sensu lato includes Rebutia s.s., Aylostera, and Mediolobivia (Digitorebutia, setirebutia, cylindrorebutia) whereas Sulcorebutia are excluded.

In 2018, John published a companion book (130 pages): “Rebutia, Sulcorebutia, and Weingartia — unravelled”. It is made of large pictures (2 per page 17×11 cm, or 1 full page) with legends. The book is available upon request to John Pilbeam.

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