How to prepare a new book?

  • Have an original document, not a copy.
  • Contact us to make an assessment. If everything seems OK, then we will need to:
  • Digitalize (scan) the pages at 300 dpi, jpeg format.
    • Use grayscale for text and B&W image.
    • Descreen image to avoid moiré effect.
    • Set precisely the picture upright.
  • Perform optical character recognation (OCR). Check spelling and grammar carefully because OCR softwares are not very reliable on that point.
  • Start processing a few pages only for preliminary tests.
  • Send us these few pages: biblio6@cactuspro.com
  • If you have not this type of software, we will do the job.
  • You work for glory exclusively. As long as your work is available from Cactuspro, you contract not to ask for any counterpart (freeware!). If you desire a counterpart (shareware) you will need to find another hosting site.
  • The work is free of rights.
    • This is generally the case when the author died more than 70 years ago. However, it is customary to contact the interested parties (author family, editor).
    • If necessary, you will have to look for these interested parties and ask for a written authorization.


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