Walter Rausch (1928-2022)

:wrgw.jpg Thanks to Walter Rausch for accepting these e-versions.
Thanks to Gottfried Winkler for participating in the work.

The two files below have been corrected according to Walter and Gottfried request and advice. The corrections concern essentially misprints and style improvement; they are not indicated in the interpreted files. Conversely, fundamental corrections are still indicated in the comment layer.

Right: Walter (profile), Gottfried (back), in Walter's greenhouse.

Under copyright (with permission)

The first book published in 1975 (as three booklets). An eye-opener for the amateurs and above all professional botanists! A master in plant and site knowledge, litterature, and coulour pictures.

Who will process the english translation of John Donald? (And ask for an authorization to the right holders)

Under copyright (with permission)

:wr127.jpg The second book of… 1987. 10 years of work later, still superb pictures!

French translation of the text. Available since 1987, however forgotten in some drawer (Thanks to Éric Mare for proofreading).

Right: Lobivia famatimensis WR 127.

Uncertain copyright status

:longispina.jpg Old advertisement…

Right: Lobivia longispina; One day, in Walter's greenhouse…

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