Ritter — Winter

Hildegard Winter was the sister of Friedrich Ritter. She sold plants and seeds collected by his Brother.

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The illustrated catalogues of the '50s gave B&W pictures of Ritter's discoveries, some short descriptions, and some anecdotes. Written in German, with short (and approximate!) translations in English and French.

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1956 Winter_1956.pdf (1.0MB; 2008-07-30) Winter_1956_O.pdf (10.9MB; 2008-07-30)
1957 Winter_1957.pdf (1.2MB; 2008-07-30) Winter_1957_O.pdf (9.6MB; 2008-07-30)
1958 Winter_1958.pdf (1.9MB; 2008-08-13) Winter_1958_O.pdf (13.8MB; 2008-08-13)
1959 Winter_1959.pdf (1.4MB; 2008-09-1) Winter_1959_O.pdf (11.3MB; 2008-09-1)
1960 Winter_1960.pdf (1.2MB; 2008-11-8) Winter_1960_O.pdf (11.5MB; 2008-11-8)

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