Reading room

What do I see? (from top to bottom)

  • Flags to choose the reading room language (not that of the book!).
  • A drop down menu to choose a book to read.
  • An image of the chosen page.
  • A text-only version of the page.

What is on the left?

  • A listbox that links to selected pages via page number or a short dscription (if the librarian did it!)
  • A link to this help.
  • A link to the e-bookshop, “About this book”, where you may download the pdf files and get some information about the bbok.

What can I do with the image?

  • Copy it (right-clic); you get a jpeg file at 150 dpi.
  • Watch it in another browser page (right-clic); you may then zoom-in/out.
    • :!: Some books and thus the images are still under copyright. Please refer to the e-bookshop page (link “About this book”) to read the copyright status of the original.
    • :!: All the images and text proposed here are under the CC (Creative Common) License. Please comply with the rules stated here.

What can I do with the text-only field?

  • Copy it for subsequent use. However, you should be aware that:
    • :!: The text was automatically generated. Although it was checked, it may contain errors and even some corrections of mistakes found in the original.
    • :!: Multiple columns are mixed up, and figure captions may be found within the running text.
    • :!: Special characters are wrongly converted, extra spaces can be added, etc…

Where can I download the book?

  • Use the link to the e-bookshop “About this book”.
  • Then choose among the “original” (heavy file; not searchable!) and “interpreted” (lighter file; searchable)
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