Charles Scott (1913-2001)

We need an authorization of Scotts's heirs and of the successor of the publisher, Aloe Books company. If you can help us to find some of them, please contact us

Under copyright

This is an excellent book devoted to the genus Haworthia published in 1985. It is 150 pages long (plus 50 of extra material) and it contains about 120 colour and 30 black and white pictures, plus 25 distribution maps.

The plants are accurately described and commented. Keys of determination of “sections” and of plants, full bibliographic references, synonymy, herbarium specimens are given. Unrecognized taxa are commented too. The book is concluded with a glossary, a list of abbreviations (bibliographic references excluded) and an index.

Charles Scott was police officer (Colonel) in Pretoria, and he wrote a book as if he was a professional botanist. The high quality of this book, encouraged us to publish this facsimile even though we have no authorization up to now.

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