Here you will find various classical works dealing with cacti and succulents. They are available as PDF (sometimes HTML, RTF or TXT) files and may be downloaded for private and non-profit use. Further conditions are possibly indicated for some works. The PDF files can be read by any PDF reader such as Acrobat Reader or kpdf. Use the last Reader version (at least Acrobat 6).

The works are availables as:

  • An image file (name_O.pdf): it is a raw scan of the original pages. The search tools do not work on that file. Conversely, it is the only valid reference. Unfortunately, these files are heavy…
  • An interpreted file (name.pdf): the scan is interpretred using an OCR software and formatted as the original. Here, the search tools of Acrobat (Reader or not) can be used.

The file size 1) and the date of disposal are indicated. The date allows knowing when a file has been updated.

The interpreted PDF file is generally made of two layers:

  1. Text: This is the book. Some corrections have been made although they are not consistent with the original. This was done to simplify automatic search within the file. This is the reason why the original file is the only reference for your future works.
  2. Comment: This layer shows comments, corrections, questions… By default, it is not visible 2). Activate the comment layer by opening the layer tab and then clicking on the eye icon.

Printing and copy-paste are inhibited for some files.

approximate: it depends on your OS and hard drive
Acrobat 6 at least
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