Delbert Weniger (May 10, 1923 — July 10, 1999)

Thanks to Andrew Weniger (Del's son), Nell Weniger (Del's widow) and Laura Young Bost (University of Texas Press) for authorizing the electronic version of the books.

Under copyright (with permission)

Del Weniger was professor of biology at faculty of Our Lady of the Lake College in San Antonio, Texas. Besides biology, he was interested in ecology, history of Texas, and… Cacti! “Cacti of Texas and neighboring states” is his second book on the latter subject. It is a field guide of 356 pages that presents more than 170 plants through detailed descriptions and color pictures. Genera dealt with are: Echinocereus, Wilcoxia, Peniocereus, Acanthocereus, Echinocactus (sensu lato), Lophophora, Ariocarpus, Pediocactus, Epithelantha, Mammillaria (sensu lato) and Opuntia.

Right: Del Weniger (from this site).

Under copyright (with permission)

This is the first book by Del Weniger. A very nice account of the cacti of the southwest of the United States. Well documented from a historical point of view. More than 250 pages of text and more than 180 coloor pictures. The genera dealt with are those of Cacti of Texas and neighboring states. For non-US or non-GB readers, please revisit centimetres-inches conversion rules!

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