:gulzowiana_10.jpg In 1931 Werdermann published a continuation of the work of Schumann, Gürke and Vaupel. The plates were obtained from photos using the early Agfa color film. It is pure wonder, but…

We did not find heirs of Werdermann. After the 2nd world war, the publisher (Neumann Neudamm) was in east Germany and he created a subsidiary company in west Germany. A few months ago, a brief email contact with the present company raised more problems than solutions: what does the publisher want? To reprint the work 1)? To distribute our e-version? Has he still ownership?

The fact is that discussions stopped suddenly without previous notice. The e-version is ready however.

If you can do something, please contact us: biblio5@cactuspro.com

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he lets us think so; this would reach a prohibitive price
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