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John Pilbeam, Chris Rodgerson & Derek Tribble

Thanks to John, Chris and Derek for their authorization to make this e-version available. Thanks to Benoît for tracking the authorizations… and providing the original book!

Under copyright (with permission)

This is one of the numerous books by John Pilbeam. It was published in 1995, and it contains 190 pages that present the species in alphabetical order, together with 125 colour and 98 B&W pictures. A list of synonyms and of collection numbers of various collectors is given in appendix.

Many thanks to David Schwartz (Heir of the editor), and to the Gordon Rowley Foundation who granted permission to distribute this book.

Under copyright (with permission)

This is a fantastic book of about 300 pages devoted to this strange and fascinating group of plants. It is deliberately a book for enthusiasts, just spiced up by the necessary amount of botany to understand the specificities of these succulent plants. It is illustrated by numerous sumptuous color photos (some full-page) of plants in collections and in the wild.

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