Working page for the team

This page is meant to organize the work for the team. It has no added value to be fully public, so there is no link pointing to this page: it may be considered as slightly private. However if a visitor enters the address in its browser, he will see it.

  • Daniel Schweich (project maintainer, French and English pages)
  • Yann Cochard (webmaster)
  • Detlev Metzing (German pages)
  • Paul Laney (Succulenta)

Maintaining such a project will be a difficult task, especially to keep all pages mostly in sync. Here is how we can work, for most pages:

  1. references pages are English and French ones, maintained by Daniel.
  2. when these pages are settled, after creation or major update, each maintainer of other languages is asked to update his/her pages. Daniel ot Yann will tell them whn there is work to do!
  3. to see when pages are updated, once logged in, go to the English index and clic on the button “Recent changes”.


  • FROM Daniel: FAQ's page; Please comment (on the FAQ's page; start your comment line with “> ” [> space space]) and add question/answer.
  • FOR Paul: Finalize the page succulentatemp (note “temp” suffix!) page in the english pages.
  • FROM Daniel: would it be possible to “search” the biblio pages for some words, and have a list of the meaningful internal “biblio” links (I found a wiki search field [where???] that gave a sub-menu with the more relevant target links…)? Yann: I'll have a look.

Here are some links to other online PDF. Their quality and legality have not been checked yet.

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